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Throughout our many years working in personal and professional development, we have discovered that communication problems are almost always at the heart of difficult situations.

We specialise in organisational development, training and coaching.

Here at DY 3Solutions, we are committed to helping individuals and organisations develop their emotional intelligence, learn effective conflict resolution techniques and create successful relationships.

We show professionals how to communicate effectively and assertively, with consideration for others.

Are you ready to become a more effective team member? We can coach you.

Do you want to know how developing emotional intelligence can change your organisation from the inside out? Our programmes have years of proven results.

We continue to deliver highly successful development programmes and would love to speak with you about how we could work with you.

Latest News

Impostor Syndrome-The Dark Mirror!

I met up with a colleague for coffee. It was a “getting to know you better”’ meeting that is part of building quality relationships with people. I want to mention here and before I go on that this is a key part of developing powerful relationships. If you meet people with the sole intention of “selling at them” you need to prepare yourself for a lonely existence! Read More


The Return of Saturday Jobs

If you're in Birmingham you can rely on the Number 11 Bus. It goes around the City-The Outer Circle. It always leaves and always returns and the absence of one signals the impending presence of another. Read More


Building Trust Piece By Piece!

We know and understand from our practice that work and productivity become blocked and stymied by the absence of trust, beginning at the lower left side of the continuum, with multiple stop-off points that are context specific. They are the often "invisible predictors" of failure through absence of harmony that end with a collapse of workable emotional capital at the upper-right end of the continuum. Read More

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