John Dooner
John Dooner

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Today's workplace can be a stressful and challenging environment yet we know that a positive and supportive working environment is good for productivity and has a huge impact on the emotional and social well-being of all concerned.

We offer Conflict Resolution & Mediation where relationships have become broken and require a facilitated approach to acceptable restoration.

We will work with you to find common sense, deliverable and mutually acceptable resolution to work-based issues. You can trust us to be honest, to maintain confidentiality and to propose ethically valid outcomes.

How does it work?

We will help all involved to bettter understand the viewpoints held by all. We will then clarify those areas of concern and work with all parties to bring them to a point from which we can enter and facilitate a dialogue that enables us to reach a satisfactory outcome.This is how we do it:

  • A series of individual meetings to build understanding
  • Identify the major issues
  • Examine patterns and relationships
  • Establish what needs to be done, said and adhered to in order to heal the situation
  • Agree on our personal resources and commitment
  • Facilitate a mediation meeting with the parties involved
    • This might require
      • A Group Meeting (Where appropriate)
      • Facilitated 1:1 meetings between the individuals concerned
  • We will write up a shared understanding of the outcomes, together with a commitment to adhering to our agreements and establishing what to do should individuals feel the process is "slipping"

Where can Conflict Resolution & Mediation help?

  • Working with Human Resources professionals, Leadership and Management professionals who feel that a 3rd party might free up a difficult process.
  • As an alternative approach to formal procedures
  • As part of a "return to work" process
  • Where efforts to restore good working/interpersonal relationships have failied.

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